Speech pathology

Speech pathologist talks to a patientA speech pathologist assesses and treats communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults exhibiting acquired or congenital disorders of speech, fluency, voice, language and swallowing.

Speech pathologists usually work in community settings, including private practice, community health centres, nursing homes, the client's own home, and in hospitals. They might work with interdisciplinary teams in acute or rehabilitation hospitals, in school classroom-based speech pathology intervention, training educators and parents to implement specialist programs, or with other specialists to assess speech and language disorders.

Our Bachelor of Speech Pathology prepares students for entry into professional speech pathology practice. The course develops an understanding of the theoretical and practical components of speech pathology and will be taught by dedicated professionals, both academic and clinical, who have a wide range of work experience. The University is seeking accreditation for the course from Speech Pathology Australia (the national professional and accrediting body).

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