Facilities - Coffs Harbour campus

The laboratories and specialist facilities utilised by students studying degrees at the Coffs Harbour campus through the School of Health and Human Sciences offer modern, safe, and specialised state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments.

Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry Lab - is utilised by students enrolled in nursing, midwifery and sport & exercise science. A range of scientific and diagnostic equipment and interactive software provides students with hands-on learning experience in preparation for entry into nursing, exercise and allied health professions. Equipment includes life-sized anatomical models, microscopes, histological slides, dissection and biochemistry preparation and analytical instrumentation for human physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and food science studies.

Midwifery Birth Suite - is designed to simulate childbirth environments from natural childbirth to high dependency births, using the latest technology. The birth suite enables midwifery students to utilise highly specialised equipment and practice on anatomical/simulation models, including the hi-fidelity SimMum interactive mannequin. Students also have access to a purpose-built neonatal care environment.

Nursing Labs - are fitted with state of the art hospital and electronic teaching equipment in simulated clinical ward environments. Part-task trainers and mannequins allow students to practice skills as well as involve themselves in scenario-based learning and patient care. The hi-fidelity sim lab is equipped with SimMan, a programmable interactive model which simulates real life conditions and patients.

Psychology Labs - provide space and equipment for research students and academic staff to conduct research into various aspects of human behaviour and brain function including social and cross-cultural psychology, cognitive neuroscience, language and reading, executive-function and emotion, biological-motion, learning, eye-movements, motor control, auditory perception, visual perception, visual motion and virtual reality, and electroencephalography (EEG). Equipment includes a Brain Products 64-channel EEG system, an EyeLink-1000 eye tracker, a motion-capture rig, a virtual-reality rig, a treadmill, a BioPack 16-channel psychophysiology (including EEG) rig, two computer-controlled haploscopes for vision research, and two WACOM Intuos graphics tablets for fine-motor tasks.

Sport & Exercise Science Facilities - include the movement lab that enables students to learn and conduct tests relating to exercise physiology, biomechanics and neuroscience. The lab includes ergometry equipment such as bikes and treadmill, as well as an expired gas analysis system, motion capture and analysis system, force plate, EMG, ECG, spirometry and other human measurement equipment. Sport and exercise science students also make use of the sports fields, indoor court and gym facilities, and the Q Block teaching gym.

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