Video transcript: A day in the life of a Southern Cross University Midwifery student

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Narrator: Midwifery is the oldest profession about helping women and their families understand what's happening and what the process is and what it's like to be a parent so that they're able to embrace the whole experience in a much different way to if they're unknowing about these things.

Sarah: So he's lying sort of, a bit... he's longitudinal, so he's lying up like that.

Candice: My name's Candice, I have 2 children already, both girls. It is so wonderful to have someone that can be with you through the whole thing and get to know you personally. When it comes to labour, it's a pretty personal thing.

Narrator: The process of labour is highly predictable, the timing's not highly predictable, but the actual stages and where a woman moves from, to knowing that she's about to give birth and how she does that - that's highly predictable.

Mother: Petani is my first child, so I didn't really know what to expect. Asha was excellent, was good to have her, my partner and my mum to help me through everything.

Asha: All the skills we learn here, especially using SimMum, I feel so much more prepared. Really get a feel for what it's going to be like for a placement in the ward.

Narrator: Contemporary delivery is a combination of all the good things that come out of the long history of women being with women in labour, and embrace what we have with modern technology and scientific testing.

I think Southern Cross (University) is really well equipped to be able to give students a really good experience, and simulate it to be the most natural way it can look and be.

I've seen over 3000 births, and every one is still a miracle.

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