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The School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University has designed an integrated approach to healthcare practice in response to the changing demands of the health care industry. With more than two and a half thousand students and two hundred staffthe School is producing the health workforce of tomorrow.

Professor Iain Graham

The health workforce is about inter-professional working, team working, good understanding of evidence in research and its implications and its relevance to ensuring good patientcare.


The School offers contemporary professional training beyond the traditional model of acute care into a diverse range of primary and community care services.

Professor Iain Graham

The school is involved in the provision of services and education research to improve patient care and we do this by working very closely with our partners in the health provider services.


The School's comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees provides students with strong foundations for a career in the health and human sciences industry. High quality learning experiences are delivered to students in laboratories and advanced facilities for practical training. Many courses also feature professional placements.The expanding suite of undergraduate health courses includes bachelor degrees in nursing, midwifery, biomedical science, psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry and pedorthics, and sports science. Our clinical science degree incorporates studies in osteopathy.

Associate Professor Wendy Gilleard

We're very reliant on working with our national accrediting bodies to make sure that our courses are absolutely up-to-date and the students are receiving the highest level of competencies they can achieve.


A distinctive feature of the School of Health and Human Sciences is the community health clinics at its Gold Coast and Lismore campuses. Where health professionals, students and staffdeliver integrated healthcare to the public.

Anna Skeen

The Clinic is my favourite, I definitely love working with the patients and it's nice to know that everything we've worked up until now has come together to be a therapy for people to help them which is why people get into osteopathy.

Rory Davies

We have a range of clients or patients in here today most of them have some sort ofchronic disease so they are in here trying to manage it and we help treat those chronicdiseases.


Postgraduate qualifications include specialist degrees in diabetes education, osteopathyand clinical exercise physiology, as well as healthcare leadership and advanced healthpractice. The School of Health and Human Sciences also offers Continuous Professional Development to health professionals.

Dr Louise Horstmanhhof

This provides solid pathways where people can progress with this kind of learning sothat it doesn't just remain continuing professional development but it also has the opportunityto lead onto something else.


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