Perception, Attention, Learning and Memory (PALM) Lab 

  • Why is it harder to speak when we are upset?
  • How do we read academic writing?
  • Can we present information in a way to make it easier to remember?
  • What happens when we look at optical illusions?

PALM Lab an experimental psychology lab investigating these and other questions using behavioural, psychophysical, and electrophysiological methods, based at the Gold Coast. We are always looking for volunteers willing to take part in our experiments. Sometimes this can involve answering online surveys, and other times would involve coming into the lab.

If you are interested in participating, or just want to know more, send us an email.

If you are a student interested in PALM Lab, don’t forget to check out the courses available at Southern Cross University.


Dr Kachina Allen

Dr Kachina Allen

Kachina holds a PhD from the University of Sydney and has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and research. She is fascinated by the human brain and loves researching everything – in the past this has included work on everything from orgasms to language processing. When not teaching or collecting data, Kachina can be found enjoying the beaches and rivers that make the Gold Coast such a wonderful place to live. 

Recent publications

Allen, K., Wise, N., Frangos, E., & Komisaruk, B. (2020). Male Urogenital System Mapped Onto the Sensory Cortex: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence. The Journal of Sexual Medicine

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