Bachelor of Laws with Honours

An award of Honours signals that a student has achieved high order legal research competencies and a high standard of academic excellence in their LLB degree. Completion of the LLB with Honours requires students to develop skills in legal research methodologies. These skills are highly relevant to a range of professional career options, including academic careers, research, policy and government advisory positions, as well as enhancing the range of legal research skills that can be applied to conventional forms of legal practice. In addition, employers in the legal profession tend to look favourably upon an Honours award as indicating that a student has achieved a high standard of excellence in their undergraduate law studies.

How to apply

To be eligible for Honours, you must:

  • Confirm that you are approaching the end of your degree: ordinarily, students will not be considered for entry into the Honours program until they have completed at least 16 units of study
  • Confirm you have a GPA of 5.3 or above at the time you wish to enter the Honours program
  • Contact a prospective Academic Supervisor to discuss a potential research project. Potential Supervisors' areas of expertise are indicated below. However, students are free to approach a potential Supervisor with a project unrelated to the indicated areas of supervision
  • Once you have agreed on a research project, contact the School Director of the Honours Program to confirm your enrolment
  • Enrol in the prescribed units by submitting a 'unit approval request' via MyEnrolment

More information

Bachelor of Laws with Honours information for students

Honours student supervision

If you require more information about the Honours program, please contact:

School Director of the Honours Program
 Dr Alessandro Pelizzon