School of Law and Justice Seminar Series

The School of Law and Justice Seminar Series showcases the research by School of Law and Justice staff, postgraduate students and visiting researchers.

2017 events

Date and timePresenter/seminar
Thursday 5 October 2017

Mr Jonathan Harlen
Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence Series - a book reading from his novel-in-progress True South, followed by a Q&A.

Thursday 28 September 2017
12 noon
Dr Rick Mohr
How Performatives Fail: Misfire, crossfire, friendly fire, backfire

Thursday, 14 September 2017
12 noon
Professor Kim Wheatley
The Ecological Turn in Literary Criticism: John Cowper Powys and the inhuman Wordsworth
Thursday 31 August 2017 Prof Bruce Duthu, Dartmouth College USA
A legal response to sexual violence against native American women in the US.
Thursday 31 August 2017 John Reid, Arts and Humanities Artist in Residence
High Water - Creative artists step-up to the mark. In collaboration with the University Centre for Rural Health.
Wednesday 30 August 2017 Justice Brian Preston
Exploring the Legal Status of Nature
Tuesday 29 August 2017 John Reid, Arts and Humanities Artist in Residence
Fishman of SE Australia
Monday 28 August 2017 The Hon Margaret McMurdo, Judge in Residence
Technology and the Law – Possible Future directions for the Academy, the Profession and the Judiciary
Monday, 22 May
Jade Kennedy, University of Wollongong
Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives: Beyond the Guest Lecture [Video recording/SCU staff login required]
Wednesday, 26 April
Associate Professor Monica Gagliano
The mind of plants: thinking the unthinkable
Wednesday, 5 April
Professor Kirsten Anker
Grounded Jurisprudence: An encounter between Indigenous Law and Wild Law
Wednesday, 1 March
1pm (NSW); 12pm (QLD)
Tom Round
A better niche for ouster clauses
Wednesday, 22 February
12pm (NSW); 1pm (QLD)
Dr Olga Jurasz
Prosecution of gender-based crimes at the ICC: recent developments, ongoing challenges
Wednesday, 15 February
11am (NSW); 10am (QLD)
Bianca De Gennaro Blanco
How can the Earth-centered perspective touch on the anthropological notion of "Person" in the legal arena? An essay based on an Earth-centered judgment of non- human personhood

2016 events

Date and timePresenter/seminar
Wednesday, 21 September
11:00am - 1:00pm (NSW)
Professor William MacNeil
Lacanian ink and leather downunder: Queensland's "bikie": legislation and its crimes of fashion

Wednesday, 5 October
3:30 - 5pm (NSW)

Dr Andy Chiu, Head of the School of Law, Shue Yan University
Expert on law and gender/sexual orientation
Wednesday, 12 October
12:00 -1:00pm (NSW)
Dr Cristy Clark
The politics of public interest environmental litigation: lawfare in Australia
Wednesday, 26 October
1:00 - 2:00pm (NSW)
Dr Nicole Rogers
This changes everything: litigation, protest and the climate change crists
Wednesday, 23 November
1:00 - 3:00pm (NSW)
HDR Roundtable

Wednesday, 14 December
12:00 - 1:00pm (NSW)

Dr Rohan Price
Althusser's rendition to treaty port Cathay: would he find modernity with Chinese characteristics