Graduate attributes

 The following graduate attributes, which are mapped throughout our degrees, form the basis of our threshold learning outcomes:

  • Intellectual rigour: a commitment to excellence in all scholarly and intellectual activities, including critical judgement.
  • Creativity: an ability to develop creative and effective responses to intellectual, professional and social challenges.
  • Ethical practice: a commitment to sustainability and high ethical standards in social and professional practices.
  • Knowledge of a discipline: command of a discipline to enable a smooth transition and contribution to professional and community settings.
  • Lifelong learning: the ability to be responsive to change, to be inquiring and reflective in practice, through information literacy and autonomous, self-managed learning.
  • Communication and social skills: the ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals, and within teams, in professional and community settings.
  • Cultural competence: an ability to engage with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives in both global and local settings.