Vision and mission

Academic Rigour. Critical Thinking. Ethically Engaged. Practice Ready.

Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice (SLJ) offers flexible and pioneering modes of delivery, a diverse array of academic, professional and paraprofessional law programmes and a strong sense of community engagement. Its overarching mission is the academically rigorous education of highly skilled and inclusive legal professionals who are critical thinkers, practice ready, and informed by the highest ethical standards of conduct.

As global thought leaders in their respective fields, the SLJ’s intellectually diverse faculty members create and disseminate innovative legal knowledges that have interdisciplinary breadth, analytic depth and social relevance.

In so doing, the SLJ instils its students with a passion for the Rule of Law, human rights and the realisation of social justice.

As a sustainable and engaged educational organisation, the SLJ makes a significant and lasting wider contribution —both practical and theoretical— to the serious legal issues confronting twenty first century Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world. The SLJ aims to be a leader in critical, cultural and clinical legal studies, both nationally and internationally.

Our vision of the SLJ is ...

  • a vibrant and intellectually rich centre of internationally recognised research, writing and debate, attracting outstanding scholars who, as global thought leaders, will produce and disseminate innovative legal knowledges with theoretical and practical impact;
  • An exciting, rigorous, innovative and thought-provoking educational environment that instils in its students the capacity for, and love of active lifelong learning and critical thinking in line with the highest academic, professional and ethical standards;
  • A ‘best practice’ model for progressive, forward-looking legal professional and community engagement that, in its networks, linkages and collaborations, foregrounds and promotes the Rule of Law, human rights, and social and environmental justice.

The values that inform the SLJ are:

  • A dedication to robust academic values, and the primacy of rigorous, interdisciplinary and socially relevant research;
  • The support for an educational approach that takes student learning seriously, encouraging independent thought and critical capacity to the highest academic, ethical and professional standards;
  • A commitment to the law as an instrument of social and environmental justice and positive institutional change, respecting and advancing difference, multiculturalism and First Peoples;
  • A pledge that law school governance is open, transparent and consensus-driven; 
  • The conviction that access to legal education is merit-based, attracting a rich diversity of staff and students;
  • The commitment to advancing and sustaining close connections and collaborations with local, national, regional and international academic and professional communities that will further empower society by progressing social justice and positive change through law.

Download the SLJ Mission Vision and Strategic plan 2016 - 2021.

Our vision and mission support the Southern Cross University strategic plan and mission statement and the Australian Law School Standards developed by the Council of Australian Law Deans.


The School of Law and Justice: A law school with a difference, that makes a difference!