Summer Law School

Summer School 2019-2020 A5 flyer. School of Law and Justice, SCUAt the annual School of Law and Justice Summer Law School (December 2019 - January 2020), students will be given the opportunity to enrol in exciting and academically rigorous units at the beautiful Gold Coast campus.

Delivered by internationally recognised experts in their field, this year's suite of units continue the Summer School tradition of offering niche and non-mainstream subjects as part of an exciting and academically rigorous program.

The Summer Law School is ideal for students, lawyers, industry professionals, senior administrators and those requiring knowledge and understanding from the units on offer. Cross-institutional, non-award and international students are particularly welcome.

Legal and other professional practitioners may be eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

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Public Interest Advocacy (PIA) (LAW 10160)

Intensive dates: 3-7 December 2019

Time:9am - 1pm

Location: Gold Coast campus

Unit Info:

Explores the theory and practice of community activism and social change with an emphasis on the intersection of law with these areas of social engagement and provides students with a broad based introduction to the skills and techniques necessary to bring about useful social change in a highly corporatised and technocratic society.

Presenter: Aidan Ricketts

DNA and the Law (LAW72017)

Intensive dates: 4-7 December 2019

Time: 2pm - 6pm

Location: Gold Coast campus

Unit Info:

Introduces students to DNA profiling, its scientific basis and historical development.  Students will learn how DNA profiling is performed and explore the philosophical background to the science.  Focusing on the Australian context, the unit will examine the use of DNA in court proceedings and study key cases where DNA has been utilised. The unit will also look at how developments may affect future civil and criminal court proceedings and evidence law generally.

Presenter: Paula Hallam 

International Business Negotiations (LAW72007)

Intensive dates 8-11 December 2019

Time: 9am - 1pm
          2pm - 6pm (depending on numbers)

Location: Gold Coast campus

Unit Info:

Teaches students all about negotiations and transactional legal practice through a structured and simulated negotiation exercise. You will represent different international companies looking to work together to make use of new technologies. This unique, collaborative opportunity could come in the form of a joint venture, a licensing agreement or a long-term supply contract. All negotiations take place through written exchanges and live conversations.

Presenter: Jay Finkelstein

Jay Finkelstein practices corporate and securities law, offering three decades of experience in international and domestic negotiated transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, securities offerings, corporate structuring, general contractual relationships and general corporate law. Mr. Finkelstein is also a member of the adjunct faculties at Stanford, Berkeley and Georgetown law schools and has been teaching international business negotiations since 2003.

Mooting (LAW10288)

Intensive dates 8-11 December 2019

Time: 2pm - 6pm (depending on numbers)

Location: Gold Coast campus

Unit Info:

Provides the student with skills in legal research and advocacy necessary to compete in mooting competitions. Students will be eligible to participate in the Jessup International Mooting Competition, if selected.

Presenter: TBA

Ecological Jurisprudence (LAW30001)

Intensive dates: 8-11 January 2020 (TBC)

Time: TBC

Location: SAE Byron Bay Campus

Unit Info:

Introduces students to the writings of a number of authors surrounding the current reconceptualisation of nature within the legal sphere. Students will engage with environmental policies and regulations situated in diverse philosophical frameworks. Furthermore, students will analyse a series of fundamental key case studies in the field.

Presenters: Dr Alessandro Pelizzon and Cormac Cullinan

The Legalities of Artificial Intelligence (subject to Academic Board approval)

Intensive dates: Sunday 12 - Wednesday 15 January 2020

Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Location: SAE Byron Bay campus

Unit Info: TBC

Introduces students to the complexities that surround the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concepts of legal personhood and volition are explored. The implications of the integration of AI into society are explored, as well as the legal ramifications. The role of literature and media are explored as a pathway to brokering the human/AI relationship.

Presenter: Professor Dr Daniela Carpi

Justice Framed: law in films and in graphic novels/comics (LAW72019)

Intensive dates: Wednesday 12 - Wednesday 15 January 2020 

Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Location: SAE Byron Bay campus

Unit Info:

Introduces students to law and the visual, law and popular culture and to the fundamental concepts of visual literacy. Students investigate intersection of legal and visual discourses and the idea that cinema (fiction, documentary, other genres and graphic novels/comics) are practices from which it is possible to learn about law and which can problematise legal discourse.

Presenter: Associate Professor Chiara Battisti

Performances and Power in Literature (LAW72018)

Intensive dates: Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 January 2020

Time: 9am - 1pm

Location: SAE Byron Bay campus

Unit Info:

Introduces the concept of performance and its articulation in the legal, literary and linguistic spheres, and the realm of the performing arts. Students will be introduced to types of performance from literature and theatre (in its wider conception). Investigates the crossing and blurring of the boundaries with a specific focus on the intersections with legal culture.

Presenter: Associate Professor Sidia Fiorato

Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law  (LAW10207)

Intensive dates: Thursdsay 16 - Sunday 19 January 2020

Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Location: SAE Byron Bay campus

Unit Info:

Provides students with an overview of the way law and judicial systems affect the individual and how various theories reflect on the process of internalisation of law. Introduces students to psychological and psychoanalytic theories to enable them to assess why some people internalise social prohibitions and other do not. Students will be encouraged to think critically about how psychoanalysis, psychology and psychiatry can help legal practitioners and assess how new studies in the domain of neuroscience contribute to legal reasoning.

Presenter: Dr Renata Salecl

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