Winter Law School

Complete a fully-accredited academic unit towards your law degree or accrue continuing professional development (CPD) points at our inaugural (2018) Winter Law School.

Study a few minutes walk from the beach at Southern Cross University’s Gold Coast campus. Surf between discussions on how to manage interactions within multiple law making communities or the principles underpinning armed conflicts, in intensive courses offered by internationally-renowned legal experts.

These units will be valuable to people from a wide range of backgrounds and may be counted as CPD for legal practitioners.

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LAW73051 Global Legal Pluralism

 4-7 July 2018 (9am – 1pm), Gold Coast Campus

We live in a world of multiple, overlapping normative communities.  Some of those communities—such as federal, state, and municipal governments—are formal legal entities, often wielding coercive force in the service of a bureaucratically administered set of legal norms.  Others, however, are non-state communities, created through religious, tribal, ethnic or other affiliations. And still others are transnational or international regulatory bodies wielding various degrees of coercive sanction or persuasive authority. Scholars studying interactions among these multiple communities have often used the term “legal pluralism” to describe the inevitable intermingling of these normative systems. And, in the global arena, it has become clear that a single-minded focus on state to state relations or universal overarching norms is inadequate to describe the reality of the emerging global legal system, with its web of jurisdictional assertions by state, international, and non-state normative communities.

This unit encourages students to think more broadly about what counts as law and also asks them how legal, quasi-legal and governmental systems might best manage the interaction among multiple law-making communities. 

Delivered by: Paul Schiff Berman, Walter S. Cox Professor of Law at George Washington University. Read about our presenter at

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LAW30003 International Humanitarian Law. The Past, Present, and Future of the Law of Armed Conflict

4-7 July 2018 (2pm - 6pm) Gold Coast Campus

This unit will provide an overview of the law of armed conflict.  We will address the fundamental principles of armed conflict, including humanity, necessity, proportionality, and distinction, and examine how those principles are applied in practice.  We will focus on specific topics such as targeting, detention, and weaponeering.  We will also study the different rules applicable in different contexts, such as the distinction between international armed conflict and non-international armed conflict, as well as the relationship between human rights law and the law of armed conflict.  We will consider accountability processes for law of armed conflict violations, principally war crimes, including investigation, criminal prosecution, and war crimes.  Finally, we will discuss new frontiers in the law, such as issues raised by the use of autonomous weapons, privatization, and cyber-conflict.

Delivered by: Laura A. Dickinson, Oswald Symister Colclough Research Professor of Law, The George Washington University. Laura is currently in a one-year position as Senior Counsel to the General Counsel of the US Department of Defense. Find more about our presenter at

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