Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique

We are pleased to extend a warm invitation to the 2nd Annual Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique, to be held on 29 November 2018 at the Fountain Room, Lismore City Hall.

Our keynote speaker, Professor Katherine Biber, is a legal scholar, criminologist, historian, and Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney. Her work examines the laws of evidence and criminal procedure and the role of documentation, visual culture and particularly photography in the law.


The lecture, ‘The Afterlife of Criminal Evidence ‘ examines the cultural afterlife of criminal evidence. It explores what happens to criminal evidence after the conclusion of the trial. Formally regarded as part of the court record, and subject to the rules of evidence within the trial, beyond the trial this material has aroused the interest of artists, publishers, historians, curators and journalists who wish to access and use this material for a wide range of purposes, some of which might be transgressive, dangerous or insensitive.

The lecture will explore criminal evidence now experiencing a cultural afterlife, drawing examples from museums, archives, the news media, private collections, strange hobbies and retired detectives’ garages. In its afterlife, criminal evidence gives rise to new uses and interpretations, many of which are creative and transformative of crime and evidence. It allows us to see not only the probative value of evidence, but also its ethical, affective and aesthetic dimensions.

The lecture will trace what happened to the evidence presented in the criminal and coronial proceedings following the death of Azaria Chamberlain; it will examine efforts to manage the voluminous evidence gathered by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; it looks at the work of a criminal record Expungement Clinic in Philadelphia; amongst other examples. The lecture asks what is at stake when evidence survives the criminal proceedings in which it was adduced: what can it do, and what should we do with it?

About Adjunct Professor Greta Bird

Adjunct Professor Greta Bird is a founding member of the School of Law and Justice, and scholar in the fields of multiculturalism and the law, Indigenous studies, law and society, feminist critique, and critical race theory.  She was an Australian Law Reform Commissioner on the Multiculturalism and Law reference, which reported in 1992 (Multiculturalism and the Law, Report 57), and Director of the National Centre for Cross-cultural Studies in Law. Her work has consistently broken new ground in Australian legal scholarship. Greta is the author of numerous works, including The Civilizing Mission: Race and the Construction of Crime (1987), and The Process of Law in Australia: Intercultural Perspectives (1993).

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2018 Greta Bird Lecture - Professor Katherine Biber

Date and time

From: 04:15 PM Thursday, November 29, 2018 To: 06:30 PM Thursday, November 29, 2018


Fountain Room
Lismore City Hall
1 Bounty Street
Lismore NSW 2480