In Residence

Judge in Residence

The SLJ Judge in Residence Program brings distinguished regional, national and international jurists to SCU, affording its participants an opportunity to:

  • conduct research,
  • offer lectures, masterclasses or seminars,
  • engage with faculty and students,
  • assist at moot courts or provide expertise to postgraduates,
  • interact with the community-at-large.

In so doing, the Judge in Residence programme fosters an on-going exchange and dialogue between the bench and the SLJ, drawing upon the distinguished experience of its residents to inform the SLJ's pedagogy and scholarship, all the while enhancing SLJ’s profile as a law school that takes the ‘law in action’ as seriously as the ‘law in books’.

The Judge in Residence Programme offers a unique opportunity for the bench to impact, shape and influence the academic life of the SLJ, as much as it affords staff and students a singular opportunity to learn from and be advised by influential leading jurists from the region, the state, the nation and the world.

In 2017, our inaugural Judge in residence, The Hon Margaret McMurdo AC, Chair of Queensland Legal Aid and Former President of Queensland Court of Appeal, was our keynote speaker at SCU Research Week in August 2017. Her presentation was titled "Technology and the Law – Possible Future directions for the Academy, the Profession and the Judiciary". 

Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence

Through its Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence Programme, the SLJ invites artists of all persuasions—literary, artistic, filmic, televisual, performance--with an interest in social justice and the ways in which law and art could and do intersect in the pursuit of these goals.

During their time at SLJ, the Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence actively participates in, and contributes to the teaching and research culture of the School by way of a staff seminar, a lecture, a reading, a performance, or an exhibition.

By delivering seminars, lectures, as well as other forms of engagement, the Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence raises SLJ’s visibility as a centre of excellence, locally and globally but also contribute to SLJ’s interdisciplinary research culture, enhance our innovative teaching practice, provide linkages with the community, regional, state, national and international arts organisations, and progress relations with and embed SLJ as an active community and regional stakeholder in the arts.

The Law and the Humanities Artist in Residence Programme will stimulate research and provide possibilities for collaborative work in current areas of interest including  

  • law and literature,
  • law and popular culture,
  • cultural legal studies,
  • critical jurisprudence,
  • human rights,
  • new legal history,
  • legal anthropology,
  • performance studies,
  • climate justice, social justice and environmental activism.

The Law and Humanities Artist in Residence Programme constitutes a distinctive and innovative initiative on the part of the School of Law and Justice. Such an initiative highlights and complements SLJ’s strong connection to the humanities, its commitment to social and climate justice, and its unique research and community engagement in the area of social, political and legal activism.