Aidan Ricketts

LLB(Hons)(UQ), LLM(QUT), MEd(JCU) 

Aidan Ricketts is a prominent activism educator, academic and writer having published extensively in this field both in academic journals and book chapters and having published his own book internationally in this area. Much of Aidan’s research is undertaken as an  embedded action researcher,  working within the very social movements and campaigns that he writes about. Currently Aidan is exploring the application of complexity theory to the field of social movement studies.


Teaching and research keywords

#Activism, #SocialMovements, #ComplexityTheory

Professional affiliations

Ngara Institute advisory board member

Selected publications

Annie Kia and Aidan Ricketts, ‘Enabling Emergence: The Bentley Blockade and the struggle for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers’ 2018 Vol 19 Southern Cross University Law Review, p51.

Ricketts A, The Activists' Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Participatory Democracy, 2012, Zed Books, London;

Ricketts A, 2017, ‘Anti-protest laws:Lock up your nannas’ Alternative Law Journal, Vol 42, no 2

Ricketts, A 2015, 'Freedom from political communication: the rhetoric behind anti-protest laws', Alternative Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 4.

Ricketts, A 2013, 'Investment risk: an amplification tool for social movement campaigns globally and locally', Journal of Economic and Social Policy, vol. 15, no. 3.

Ricketts, A 2006, 'Theatre of protest: the magnifying effects of theatre in direct action', Journal of Australian Studies, vol. 89, pp. 75-87.