Professor Bee Chen Goh

A former Malaysian Rhodes Scholar, Professor Bee Chen Goh is Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Peace and Social Justice. She is a Member of the University’s Inter-Faith Committee. Bee Chen was Head of School, School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University (2006-2009). She is a Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law, and is Chair of the Academy’s Prizes and Scholarships Committee with oversight of the Annual Essay Prize.

Bee Chen is well-versed in English, Mandarin, Malay/Indonesian and Fujianese/Taiwanese.

Select Publications

  • Book chapter: ‘Wild Negligence’ (with Tom Round) in N Rogers and M Maloney (eds), Law As If Earth Really Mattered (Routledge, 2017)
  • Book chapter: ‘Negotiation with Chinese’ (with Danny McFadden) in D McFadden and D Wilde (eds), China’s International Business Transactions and Laws: Key Tools for China (Wolters Kluwer, 2016)  
  • Activating Human Rights and Peace: Theories, Practices and Contexts (Ashgate 2012) (Hardback) (Edited by BC Goh, B Offord and R Garbutt)
  • Law Without Lawyers, Justice Without Courts - On Traditional Chinese Mediation (Ashgate 2002) (Hardback)
  • Negotiating with the Chinese (1996, Dartmouth) (Hardback)

Areas of Teaching 

  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  • Mediating Across Cultures
  • Contract Law
  • International Law

Research Interests

  • Dispute Resolution (with a focus on Sino-Western issues)
  • International Law of Peace
  • Law and Religion
  • Climate Justice


  • Founder, Centre for Peace and Social Justice
  • Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law
  • Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, Cambridge
  • Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, London
  • Research Collaborator of Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion, University of Adelaide
  • Member of IUCN Academy of Environmental Law
  • Member of Queensland Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee (2011-2014)