Dr Cristy Clark


Dr Cristy Clark is a Lecturer at the Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice, where she teaches human rights, and competition and consumer law. Cristy has a BA/LLB from ANU and a Masters in International Social Development from UNSW. She did her PhD with the Australian Human Rights Centre at UNSW on the human right to water, with a focus on the Mazibuko water rights case in South Africa and the privatisation of Manila’s water system in the Philippines. Her research continues to focus on the intersection of human rights, neoliberalism, activism and the environment.


Teaching and research key words

#humanrights, #righttowater, #activism, #participation, #competitionandconsumerlaw

Professional affiliations

Co-Chair of the Feminist Writers Festival

Selected publications

Cristy Clark, ‘Race, austerity and water justice in the US: Fighting for the human right to water in Detroit and Flint, Michigan’ in Farhana Sultana & Alex Loftus (eds), Governance, Rights, and Justice in Water: New Ideas and Realities (Routledge, Forthcoming).

Cristy Clark, ‘Water justice struggles as a process of commoning’, (2019) 54(1) Community Development Journal (Special Issue: Water, Anti-privatisation Struggles and the Commons) 80-99.

Cristy Clark and John Page, ‘Of protest, the commons, and customary public rights: an ancient tale of the lawful forest’ (2019) 42(1) UNSW Law Journal (Advance).

Cristy Clark, Nia Emmanouil, John Page and Alessandro Pelizzon, 'Can you hear the rivers sing? Legal personhood, ontology, and the nitty gritty of governance' (2019) 45(4) Ecology Law Quarterly 787-844.

Cristy Clark, ‘Of what use is a deradicalized human right to water?’ 17(2) Human Rights Law Review (2017) 231.

Cristy Clark, ‘Metgasco Limited v Minister for Resources and Energy’ in Nicole Rogers and Michelle Maloney (eds) Law as if Earth Really Mattered: The Wild Law Judgment Project (2017) 193.

Cristy Clark, ‘The politics of public interest environmental litigation: lawfare in Australia’ 31(7) Australia Environment Review (2016) 258.

Cristy Clark, ‘Trans-jurisdictional Water Governance and Implementing the Human Right to Water in South Africa’ in Janice Gray, Cameron Holley and Rosemary Rayfuse (eds) Trans-Jurisdictional Water Law and Governance (2016) 282.

Cristy Clark, ‘The centrality of community participation to the realisation of the right to water: the illustrative case of South Africa’ in Farhana Sultana and Alex Loftus (eds) The Right to Water: Politics, Governance and Social Struggles (2012) 174.

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