Evgeny Guglyuvatyy

Dr Evgeny Guglyuvatyy is a Lecturer in the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University. His PhD from UNSW was a comparative study of the climate change policies focusing on potential applicability of carbon tax and emissions trading in Australia. He also holds a Master’s degree in Law from Nottingham University a Bachelor's Honours degree in Law from Chelyabinsk State University.

Evgeny’s teaching and research experience spans over number of years at various Universities including: the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney, Charles Stuart University and others. He specialises in tax law, comparative tax, corporations law, and climate change law.

His research and publications are focussed on the taxation, international tax, climate change law and policy and other areas of law. He is a member of Australasian Law Teachers Association and Australasian Tax Teachers Association.

Selected publications

Guglyuvatyy E (2017) ‘Climate change justice – an Australian perspective’, Carbon and Climate Law Review Vol. 1, 1-14.

Sharkey N and Guglyuvatyy E (2016) ‘Australia/Russia - The New Russian Controlled Foreign Company Regime: Review and Comparison with the Australian Regime’ Bulletin for International Taxation Vol. 70(11).

Guglyuvatyy E and Stoianoff N (2016) ‘Carbon Policy in Australia – A Political History’ in Stoianoff N, Kreiser L, Butcher B, Milne J E and Ashiabor H (eds.) ‘Green Fiscal Reform for a Sustainable Future - Reform, Innovation and Renewable Energy’, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Guglyuvatyy E and Stoianoff N (2015) ‘Applying the Delphi method as a research technique in tax law and policy’ Australian Tax Forum, Vol. 30, 179-204.

Guglyuvatyy E and Evans C (2015) ‘Administrative approaches to tax dispute resolution: Alternative perspectives from Australia and Russia’ Journal of Comparative Law 10(2).