Rohan Price

Rohan Price is a historian who authors works of biography, comparative legal history and political philosophy including the acclaimed Going Native: The Passions of Philip Jacks (2016, Australian Scholarly Publishing) and Reading Colonies: Property and Control of the British Far East (2016, City University Press of HK).

His current manuscript Violence and Emancipation in Colonial Ideology is keenly anticipated.

Reading Colonies is available on and google play. Going Native is stocked by gleebooks (Sydney), Readings (Melbourne) and Fuller's Bookshop (Hobart). Rohan’s next project concerns the responsibility of Kuomintang agents for the 1956 riots in Hong Kong, and their use of the British colony as a base for sabotage raids in communist China.

Teaching and research keywords 

#PrinciplesofEquity; #EmploymentandIndustrialRelationsLaw; #LegalProcess

#ColonialismandPropertyLaw; #PropertyLawandDecolonisation; #ChineseNationalismandDecolonisation; #EthicsofAnti-colonialTerrorism

Professional affiliations

Member, Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath (University of Tasmania)

Member, Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society

Member, The Australian Sociological Association

Selected Publications

Price, RBE 2016, Reading colonies: property and control of the British Far East, City University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong. ISBN: 9789629372972

Zhu, G & Price, R 2013, 'Chinese immigration law and policy: a case of ‘change your direction, or end up where you are heading?', Columbia Journal of Asian Law, vol. 26, pp. 1-28.

Price, R & Ho, JKS 2012, “Air Pollution in Hong Kong: the failure of government and judicial review”, Public Law pp. 179-197.

Price, R & Ho, JKS 2012, 'Mainlanders as 'others' in the life and law of Hong Kong', King's Law Journal, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 233-255.

Price, R 2011, 'The need for regulatory response to diagnosis fraud in mesothelioma cases', Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 196-200.

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