"Southern Cross definitely gave me the skills, the knowledge and the level of thinking that I need. I'm excited to see where the experiences will take me."

Lisa Mizeko

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws graduate

I've always found business and law really interesting. I wanted to understand how businesses work and what makes the economy tick, so I think those two degrees went hand-in-hand and made sense to me.

My name is Lisa Mizeko and I'm an external auditor at KPMG. In my year twelve my career advisor told me about Southern Cross University and how they had the STAR early entry program, which meant before sitting my final exam I knew I had a place and I thought that was great.

I found the lecturers at Southern Cross pretty, I suppose, they were people if that makes sense. I was able to approach them when I had questions.

They gave me the confidence and the knowledge and understanding that I needed to know what my opportunities were and what I needed to do to be successful. I was lucky enough to go to China Singapore and Hong Kong through Southern Cross University.

Two of those were study tours and the other one was an exchange program where I got to study for six months. Those experiences gave me the confidence to be able to know what I wanted to do and gave me the experiences that I need to be able to do my job today.

I would really recommend students to take the opportunities to go overseas simply because you learn so much, you make so many new friends, and those are experiences which you'll treasure forever.

I finished my undergraduate last year and within the nine months since finishing I've had so much experience. I feel like Southern Cross definitely gave me the skills the knowledge and the level of thinking that I need to actually do my job effectively.

I'm excited to see where the experiences from Southern Cross will take me and I think I've got a bright future ahead and I'm excited to seize the opportunities.

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Paige turns the page for a future in law

The rewards and rigours of a law degree

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Alumni & Student Magazine - July 2020

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Paige turns the page for a future in law

Paige Everingham’s sense of social justice began long ago and comes from deep within.

‘I always wanted to do law,’ she says. ‘As a kid growing up in Port Macquarie, I would watch the television and see the lawyers in the courtroom dramas and I just thought, yes, that's what I want to do.’

Now she is on her way, in the first year of studying a Bachelor of Laws and Creative Writing at Southern Cross University’s School of Law and Justice.

This unique four-year combined degree provides clear professional pathways in the law and writing. With its focus on fluency of expression, reading and research skills, and writing across a range of genres, the creative writing component of the degree complements the rigour, research and writing skills developed by studying the law.

Paige hopes her degree pathway culminates in a career in international law, perhaps reaching as far as the United Nations.

‘I’ve always had an affinity with the world rather than just individual places. That’s why I feel international law is the area where I will be able to offer the most and serve the best,’ says the 19-year-old who is enrolled at the Gold Coast campus.

‘I'd love to work at the United Nations. It’s one of the reasons I chose the Bachelor of Laws and Creative Writing. Expression is such an important part of the law, so I feel this degree will enhance my abilities, my career aspirations and my confidence.’

Confidence is important for everyone, but especially Paige. Through much of her childhood, she endured incessant bullying. At its worst, she descended into anorexia and a depth of despair that became almost overwhelming.

The keyword here is ‘almost’. Much to her credit, Paige found the resilience to move forward, bringing with her a profound awareness of the need for, and value of, social justice.

Writing helped her during the toughest times, providing an avenue to gather and express her feelings – like a testimony. It’s no wonder she found the Bachelor of Laws and Creative Writing such a natural study choice.

As her studies continue, Paige is keen to undergo an internship with a law firm and engage in other activities and opportunities through the School of Law and Justice that will help inform the career to come.

‘I’m so glad I came to Southern Cross University,’ she says. ‘I feel like I have a direction. I feel like I’m on my way.’

Caitlin Esposito

The rewards and rigours of a law degree

Caitlin Esposito’s School of Law and Justice (SLJ) experience learning the subtleties of law was enriching, to say the least.

‘My time at the School of Law and Justice was one of the most positive and defining points in my life,’ she says. ‘The experience expanded my views, allowed me to meet inspiring professionals in the legal profession and gave me the confidence to really make a difference and succeed in whatever career I pursue within the law and beyond.’

Caitlin chose to study the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies at Southern Cross University as our focus is ‘not solely based on teaching the law but also about educating students on justice and the theories and philosophies that shape the law.’

Throughout her five-year double degree, she was introduced to many academics and legal professionals that not only broadened her views and highlighted how versatile a law degree can be but also exposed the countless career opportunities that can arise from it. During Caitlin’s final year of study, she undertook an Independent Legal Research Project, which taught her the importance of learning to critically analyse and research.

‘The experience was both challenging and rewarding,’ she says, ‘and opened up the possibility of continuing my studies through a Master of Laws or PhD.’

Since graduating in 2019, Caitlin has since commenced her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and will soon be admitted to practice as a lawyer. She is hoping to gain some invaluable experience working as a lawyer and progressing her legal career through further postgraduate study.

‘In the future, I would love to be able to help other law students have the same experience I did at the SLJ and be supported like I was.’