Video Transcript: Kahurangi Simpson

I definitely think that knowledge is power and having an education opens you up to so many opportunities that you might not have had before.

My name is Kahurangi Simpson and I've just finished the second year of the Bachelor of Laws.

I definitely want to have the ability to help people. I'd love to work in Legal Aid or community support and things like that. I think that would be really beneficial. I think the best thing about the Bachelor of Laws that I'm studying is you have to do a whole range of units so there are all your core units, then you also have units that you can specialise in.

Southern Cross was really great because there are only five thousand people on the Gold Coast campus which means smaller class sizes – I met so many people just from going to classes with them. Because of the smaller class sizes it is really easy to get to know your lecturer as well – they know you by your name not just your student number on their class role. They're all so easy to contact. I've sent emails on a Sunday and received replies back in 20 minutes.

At Southern Cross, the connections I've made, some of them are definitely lifelong friendships. I've also managed to meet a lot of people who could possibly help in a professional setting with law later on.

Right now I don't exactly have a ten year goal but I do know that by studying this degree I have many different options. There are so many international units and options where I could practice overseas. There's so much that I could do with it.

My advice to somebody who is set on doing something with law is to just come in with an open mind because you never know whether you're going to like another subject even better.

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