Dr Olga Jurasz, Open University Law School (UK). Feminist engagements with fragmented international law: the case of jus post bellum.

This paper explores the future of feminist engagements with international law in light of its growing fragmentation. Employing jus post bellum as a case study, this paper analyses the current status of international law’s response to the situation of women in the aftermath of modern conflicts and the place of gender within these developments. The arguments presented here are informed by three perspectives: growing fragmentation of international law, gender as a factor shaping international law, and emergence of jus post bellum - a concept of post-conflict law.

Dr Olga Jurasz is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the Open University (UK). Olga’s main area of research is international law, human rights and transitional justice. She is particularly interested in how various mechanisms of public international law address post-conflict situations and how women’s rights are protected during the process of transition from war to peace. Olga has published widely in the areas of her research for both academic and non-academic audiences. She is currently working on the British Academy funded project ‘Making international law work for women post-conflict: new voices’.

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Feminist engagements with fragmented international law: the case of jus post bellum

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