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At the School of Law and Justice, our teaching, research, public events, conferences, affiliations and overall engagement continue to affirm (regionally, nationally and globally) the School as a vibrant centre for critical, contextual, and cultural legal scholarship. In fields as diverse as the narratives of climate change; environmental justice; ecological jurisprudence; critical theory; law and society; and law, culture and the humanities, the School continues to lead, to make its mark and to make a difference. Within this exciting and exploratory environment, our scholars are truly thought leaders, achieving research impacts that continue to affirm how we are punching above our weight in terms of publishing outputs, innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations – across and beyond the University – and an emerging grants strategy and success.


Australasian Law Academics Association (ALAA), July 2019

In July 2019, the School of Law and Justice welcomed legal academics and scholars from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for the annual conference of the Australasian Law Academics Association. Held at our Gold Coast campus, the theme of Real Laws in the Post-Truth World engaged and questioned emerging dialogues on ‘post-truth’ – including their influence on policy and social debate, how post-truth practices are shaping laws, and how truth is and is not part of legal and socio-legal dialogues. Conference organiser Associate Professor Jennifer Nielsen was instrumental both in bringing this significant conference to the School and in re-energising this important annual gathering of legal academics.

Law in End Times: LLHAA and LSAANZ, December 2019

The School of Law and Justice, together with the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA), and the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ), convened and hosted the 2019 LLHAA and LSAANZ conferences, respectively titled Juris Apocalypse Now! Law in End Times and Survive. Thrive. Die. Law in End Times. These conferences, held at our Gold Coast campus, attracted 250 attendees with presenters hailing from Australia, New Zealand, North America, the UK, Europe and South Africa. Although distinct and separate, the conferences were nonetheless connected by an overarching theme and a joint Postgraduate Day. Highlights included 191 papers representing 56 universities from around the world; 16 keynote speakers presenting in 13 plenary sessions; and 94 individual sessions in which two or four papers were presented. The School of Law and Justice also hosted four publication prizes, including the Penny Pether Prize, as well as four book launches, six artists in conference, and the 2019 Greta Bird Lecture in Legal Theory and Critique. The conference website will continue to be available and includes presenters, papers and all information about the conference themes.

Reading Groups

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning reading group meets monthly and reads, discusses and critiques the scholarship of legal education. In 2019, the scope of the group expanded to include writing and conference presentations. The group’s paper - Student evaluations: pedagogical tools, or weapons of choice? - was presented at the 2019 ALAA Conference held at the Gold Coast campus in the July and has been published in the Legal Education Review.

Our most recent group, Psychoanalysis: A Freud/Lacan Study Group, is convened by Professor William MacNeil and is devoted to closely and carefully reading selected texts drawn from what American cultural critic Joan Copjec has called the master discourse of (post)modernity: psychoanalysis.

Research Seminar Series

Now in its fourth year, the School of Law and Justice’s Research Seminar Series invites leading scholars from Australia and overseas to present their current scholarship, while also showcasing our own distinguished researchers.

In 2019, the series featured key environmental, theoretical and critical property themes.

Generally, seminars are held on the first Thursday of each month with information posted here, on Facebook, LinkedIn and our blog

Events and News

Dealing with the wicked problem of race – using theory as praxis

5 November  -  5 November 5 November  -  5 November 5 November  -  5 November 2020,   01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM 2020,   01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM (NSW Time)   12:00 PM  -  01:00 PM (QLD Time) 2020,   12:00 PM  -  01:00 PM (QLD Time)
Group of outstretched  hands with red love hearts painted over them

Justice Reinvestment in Aboriginal Communities

8 October  -  8 October  -   -  2020,   01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM ,    -  (NSW Time)    -  (QLD Time) ,    -  (QLD Time)
door frame and framed photo of island

When Judges Change the Law - Speculations about Judicial Reasoning

17 September  -  17 September  -   -  2020,   12:00 PM  -  01:00 PM ,    -  (NSW Time)    -  (QLD Time) ,    -  (QLD Time)
Scales of justice

Bringing Indigenous Voices into Judicial Decision-Making - Changing whose voices matter!

3 September  -  3 September  -   -  2020,   12:00 PM  -  01:00 PM ,    -  (NSW Time)    -  (QLD Time) ,    -  (QLD Time)

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