Student experience

The School of Law and Justice is dedicated to ensuring that students' experience is of the highest quality and that they have access to opportunities such as international exchanges and academic prizes and scholarships to support their study success and long-term outcomes.

The Southern Cross University Law Association (SCULA) and the Southern Cross University Law Student Society (SCULSS) are active in hosting student activities and events.

We celebrate our graduates' success in diverse fields and organisations – they are an endorsement of the quality of the School's courses and teaching expertise.

Law Student Societies

Both the Southern Cross University Law Association (SCULA) and the Southern Cross University Law Student Society (SCULSS) are student-elected committees that represents our student body. The Law Student Societies organise competitions, provide mentoring services, host a number of social events and produce various student publications.


Membership is free to every student enrolled in a legal course at Southern Cross University's School of Law and Justice.