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Academic Excellence in Wills and Estates - $500

Inheritance Solutions Solicitors is the sponsor of the prize for Academic Excellence in Wills and Estates at Southern Cross University. Legal Director, Nathan Basnett, shares his experience and insight as to the prospects of a future career in Wills and Estates.

Wills and Estates is an extensive and dynamic area of law. It is one of few practice areas where practitioners have the opportunity to delve into a range of legal disciplines to achieve desired outcomes. Estate planning requires a working knowledge of the laws of succession, probate, trusts, business structures, property, tax and superannuation. To achieve optimal outcomes, often the collaboration of lawyers, accountants and financial planners is necessary.

Whilst mastering the technical legal aspects of Wills and Estates can be challenging, the impact that practitioners have on families and the community can be rewarding. Practitioners have the opportunity to guide Will makers on how best to maximise benefits to their beneficiaries which can significantly impact the transition and direction future generations of families take. Further, practitioners are positioned to help families move forward during times of grief.

There is a growing demand for Wills and Estates practitioners in Australia. In 2010 Bankwest, as part of their Financial Indicator Series, revealed that more than $400 billion worth of property assets were likely to change hands over the next 15 years as part of an unprecedented baton change of wealth between generations. With such compelling economic statistics, there has never been a better time for students to pursue a career in Wills and Estates.