Graduate story: Gabrielle O'Shannessy

Gabrielle O'Shannessy

Gabrielle graduated from the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 2013. She completed her law placement at Lismore Chambers and then worked as a solicitor for almost two years before undertaking the NSW Bar Exams and completing the NSW Bar Course in 2015, at which time she was admitted as a Barrister.

"Currently, I work from Lismore Chambers as a reader. 'Reading' is like an apprenticeship that newly admitted barristers are required to undertake in both criminal and civil law, and it takes place under a 'tutor'. It's a wonderful opportunity to be able to work closely with other barristers and learn from their years of experience.

"During my law degree at Southern Cross University I discovered a passion for legal philosophy and 'Earth Law', sometimes known as 'Wild Law'. I completed my Honours thesis within that area of jurisprudence, focusing on the understanding of self and how that relates to legal personhood.

"SCU's Animal Law curriculum is at the forefront of the animal rights movement in Australia. That's one of the things I love about the University - that it's maintained its position at the forefront of legal jurisprudence drawing those legal movements from the fringes into the mainstream."

Gabrielle O'Shannessy
Lismore Chambers
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)


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