1. Coccolithophore 
    Research: Associate Professor Kai Schulz, 'Predicting and understanding coccolithophorid calcification in a changing ocean' Centre for Coastal Biogeochemist. (Image taken on Zeiss EVOLS-15 – M.Dawes)
  2. Sea Anemone Embryo 
    Research: Dr Anna Scott, Scott A and Harrison PL (2007), 'Embryonic and larval development of the host sea anemones Entacmaea quadricolor and Heteractis crispa'. (Image taken on Leica 440 Stereoscan – A.Scott)
  3. Land Snail Gyrocochlea sp
    Research: Dr Jonathan Parkyn, 'Morphological investigations of the systematics of the speciose land snail genus Gyrocochlea' (Mollusca: Charopidae). (Image taken on Zeiss EVOLS-15 using VP Mode – M.Dawes)
  4. Cannabis sativa - trichome gland
    Research: Dr. Tobias Kretzschmar Southern Cross Plant Science
    Lee James Conneely, Ramil Mauleon, Jos Mieog, Bronwyn Barkla, Tobias Kretzschmar (2020) taken for MSc. Lee Conneely SCPS (Image taken on Hitachi TM4000 using Cold Stage – M.Dawes)