SEM instrumentation

Zeiss EVO LS-15

Image of the Zeiss EVO LS-15 instrumentation

  • SE Detector (secondary electron)
  • VPSE Detector (variable pressure secondary electron)
  • EPSE Detector (extended pressure secondary electron)
  • Extended range Peltier Cooling Stage
  • 4Q BSD Detector (four quadrant back-scatter – lens mounted)
  • Zeiss Smart SEM AII (Automated Intelligent Imaging Software)
  • EDS Oxford Analysis- INCA X-Act SDD Detector (silicon drift detector - UTW) – quantitative and qualitative analysis, element distribution mapping.
  • Resolution: 3nm at 30kV, 10nm at 3kV, 20nm at 1kV
  • Accelerating Voltage – 3kv to 30kV
  • Large specimen chamber available.