Professor Bronwyn Barkla

Professor Bronwyn Barkla

Associate Dean (Research)

Professor Barkla has been applying proteomics technologies to advance our knowledge in plant abiotic stress tolerance. Recent work has focused on understanding the role and regulation of membrane proteins, with particular emphasis on transport proteins, in plant salt and heavy metal tolerance.

Dr Raina Mason

Assoc. Prof Raina Mason

Associate Dean (Education)

Raina is passionate about making introductory programming more achievable by students, and encouraging more females into computing - particularly programming. Currently conducting research into the application of Cognitive Load Theory to teaching introductory programming.

Associate Professor Damien Maher

Professor Damien Maher

Director, Higher Degrees Research

Damien is a biogeochemist/ hydrologist/ ecohydrologist working on various aspects of the global carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles. He incorporates stable- and natural radio-isotopes into his work to characterise greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon and nutrient cycling pathways in aquatic and terrestrial environments. He also works on groundwater-surface water interactions.

Professor Kirsten Benkendorff

Professor Kirsten Benkendorff

Director, National Marine Science Centre

Professor Benkendorff is an interdisciplinary researcher who investigates the bioresource value of marine molluscs, including their medicinal and nutritional value for human health, as well as their ecosystem services and use as indicators of environmental change.