"The internship has allowed me to make the transition from uni to work and to settle in to my new job. It has given me a taste of what I am going to be doing".

Daniel Reinhard

Internship with a mining company in the Northern Territory

Benefits for our students

The Internship Program will provide you with eight weeks of volunteer work placement as well as course credit. Prepare yourself for the workforce and grow connections for full-time employment after graduation with real-world experience. This internship will not only help you put the skills you gained in the classroom to the test, you will also be in direct contact with natural resource management professionals and organisations, as well as potential future employers. As well, you’ll gain valuable experience for the future by preparing job applications and undertaking interview training.

Student eligibility and selection

You will become eligible for this program towards the end of your second year of full-time study. It can be done throughout Australia due to the competitive nature of the program. Your successful entry into the program will rely on the quality of your application, your academic record and a short interview. You also have the opportunity to arrange your own internship with prior approval from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.