My students and I are designing parts of aircrafts and developing high-resistance carbon fibre and aluminium composite laminates for airplanes and satellites."

Dr Ahmed Thabet

Senior lecturer and researcher, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Research highlights

With an outstanding international research profile, our students have access to World Heritage rainforests, reefs, beaches, estuaries, large rivers, mountains and national parks as part of their living laboratories for learning and research. Our research strengths include the protection and sustainability of the world’s precious marine environments, and helping to transform the forestry, mining and agriculture industries.

In the latest Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) results, Southern Cross achieved an ERA-5 result of 'well above world standard' (the highest possible) in 12 Science and Engineering categories including Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Oceanography, Environmental Science and Management, Ecology, Zoology, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Crop and Pasture Production, Fisheries Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Civil Engineering and Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy.