“Our Reef is an irreplaceable ecosystem, home to many thousands of marine species, it’s under threat. We need to pioneer new solutions."

Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison

Lead researcher and Coral IVF pioneer

Community science provides vital sea slug data

Research highlights:

  • Census capitalises on sea slugs as good indicators of ocean health
  • A collaborative stocktake of marine diversity in our own backyard
  • Species distribution patterns most likely related to climate change.

Taking stock of prawns and oysters

Research highlights:

  • Need to monitor and measure the effect of pesticides
  • Populations are showing stress, so protection is required
  • Ensuring quality of Australian prawns and oysters.

Coastal wetlands: The ultimate flow-on effect

Research highlights:

  • Reconstructing environmental history for the environmental future
  • Latest technology offers greater access to findings on carbon sequestration
  • Monitoring pollutants, sediments and other materials flowing into the ocean.

Marine and mining riches clash in the Coral Triangle

Research highlights:

  • Urgent need to protect the marine marvel of the Coral Triangle
  • Small-scale gold mining versus environmental preservation
  • Culture, economy, industry and environment are all factors in the future.