“Our Reef is an irreplaceable ecosystem, home to many thousands of marine species, it’s under threat. We need to pioneer new solutions."

Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison

Lead researcher and Coral IVF pioneer

Getting to the root of multi-faceted mangroves

Research highlights:

  • How do estuary systems respond after mangroves are removed?
  • Aim is to restore these environments and bring people back
  • Shared sense of purpose with partners and communities.

Taking to the sky to observe the sea

Research highlights:

  • Drones are boosting marine knowledge and strategies
  • Footage changing perceptions on species numbers and locations
  • Information translated into strategies for beach safety and conservation.

Enhancing lives and livelihoods in the Pacific

Research highlights:

  • Improved methods drive economic, environmental benefits
  • Training resources show positive outcomes in Pacific communities
  • Working with national fishery organisations in the region.

Aquaculture: Commercial growth for regional neighbours

Research highlights:

  • Aquaculture-based employment alternatives for the Indo-Pacific
  • Ongoing development of alternatives to wild harvesting
  • Projects include seaweed farming and sea urchin culture.