“Our Reef is an irreplaceable ecosystem, home to many thousands of marine species, it’s under threat. We need to pioneer new solutions."

Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison

Lead researcher and Coral IVF pioneer

Keeping an eye on nutrient supply in costal systems

Research highlights:

  • Ensuring water quality, species diversity and habitat health in coastal systems
  • Projects enabling positive change, as demonstrated in the Cook Islands and Great Barrier Reef
  • Improved treatment systems benefit the natural environment and local economies.

Bleach patrol: Learning from the ‘super corals’

Research highlights:

  • Findings have potential for reef conservation and restoration
  • Opportunity to create stronger, more resistant coral offspring
  • Resistant ‘super corals’ provide clues on bleaching.

Oceanic acid test

Research highlights:

  • Coral reef erosion pinpointed as imminent environmental threat
  • Benthic chambers used to measure future impact of seawater acidity
  • Inaction to affect ecosystems, tourism, fisheries and other activities.