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Anita Klaudia Perkins is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry

Staff and students at Southern Cross University have access to a number of world-class research centres. Research with the School of Environment, Science and Engineering is facilitated through key Research Centres. Read on to find out more about our Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Research, Marine Ecology Research Centre, and Forest Research Centre.

Excellence in Research for Australia

Our research centres have made major contributions to Southern Cross University’s research success, as our outstanding performance in the 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) national report shows.

‘Well above world standard’ for Geochemistry

Research undertaken by the Centre of Coastal Biogeochemistry

‘Well above world standard’ for Oceanography

Research undertaken by the Marine Ecology Research Centre

‘Well above world standard’ for Forestry Science

Research undertaken by the Forest Research Centre

The University achieved the highest possible classification of ‘well above world standard’ in 14 key areas. Another nine research areas receiving ‘above world standard’ and ‘world standard’ classifications. For more information and full ERA results for the University see our ERA outcomes.

Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Research

The Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry is the only research group in Australia specifically dedicated to understanding how physical, geological, chemical and biological processes (biogeochemistry) effect coastal ecosystems. The centre, under director Professor Bradley Eyre, works to improve the management of tropical coastal waterways affected by nutrient enrichment and other stressors.

The Centre runs two purpose-built laboratories: The experimental and preparation lab, and the analytical lab and IRMS facility. Recent research projects have included projects in global change issues such as climate change, and ecosystems such as estuaries and coral reefs.

More about the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry

Marine Ecology Research Centre

The Marine Ecology Research Centre’s (MERC) vision is to provide world-leading marine science research that is regionally relevant, and nationally and internationally significant. The MERC builds on the internationally recognised marine research reputation of the School of Environment, Science and Engineering by incorporating whale research and coral reef research.

The Centre, under director Professor Peter Harrison, includes more than 20 marine researchers and many postgraduate students undertaking research in fields including marine biodiversity, fisheries and aquaculture, coral reefs, whales and dolphins, and marine chemistry and pollution.

More about the Marine Ecology Research Centre

Forest Research Centre

The Forest Research Centre (FRC) focuses on the essential role of forests for people’s livelihoods, quality of air and water, biodiversity, and our capacity to adapt to climate change. Researchers in the FRC investigate the ecology of native forests in Australia and overseas, as well as studying how native forests and plantations can sustainably produce wood products, environmental services and carbon.

The University’s Southern Cross Plant Science Research Centre contributes to the FRC in the areas of forest genetics and genomics.

More about the Forest Research Centre

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