SCU College team members 

The Australian Awards for University Teaching, 'Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning' are granted each year by the Federal Government's Office of Learning and Teaching. The Citations are highly competitive and reward the diverse contributions made by individuals and teams to the quality of student learning.

In September 2014, the Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP) team received a citation for 'opening access to university and future work through a transformative preparatory program for regional students'.

The program has changed the lives of many students and owes its success to the coordinators, teachers and administrators who have contributed to it over the years.

The photo displays some of the recent team members.
From back to front, left to right: Bruce Cumming, Ken Fakamuria, Peter Wignell, Czesia Huxley, Jenny McGuire, Steve Gleeson, Kevin Cousins, Alan Fenn-Lavington, Suzi Hellmundt, Cathy Potter, Inez Price, Gail Rehbein, Robyn Haynes, Meredith Kayess, Jim Hearn, Michael Bence, Wendy Coates, Ken Boomsma, Bronwen Graydon, Tom Gyenes, Andy Bullock, Gregory Smith, Leslie Kirk, Geoff Turnbull, Mandy Hughes, Janet Taylor, Jenny Ledgar, Mike Howarth.

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