Students' stories

Preparing for Success at SCU Program

Jackson O'Keeffe

Jackson O'Keeffe - Preparing for Success at SCU Program

Jackson thought he had blown any chance of ever studying a university degree after doing poorly in Year 12. He embarked on the University's Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP), graduated with a distinction, and is now studying an Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies). He plans to transfer into the Southern Cross University's Bachelor of Laws next year.

"After I finished school, I started a chef apprenticeship, tried working for my Dad, and worked part-time as a cleaner. I didn't have much hope in relation to career plans. I realised that if I wanted a job that wasn't labour intensive I'd need a qualification, but I felt as though I had limited options due to my unsatisfactory HSC mark.

PSP gives you a second chance, it can open doors that you may never thought were possible."

Award programs

Honor O'Harae

Honor O'Harae - Associate Degree of Business

Flexibility is the key for Honor, while juggling the demands of young children and a family business. Honor plans to use the Associate Degree of Business as a pathway into Southern Cross University's Bachelor of Business and its industry-accredited accounting majors.

"I thought it would be really hard to get that same level of interaction online as you do in a classroom, but I haven't found that's the case at all.

I try to watch the lectures live online because I get a lot more out of the live questioning, but on weeks that I can't make them, I watch the recordings instead. I can't imagine doing it more traditionally now. The flexibility is fantastic.

I didn't finish my HSC, so I was quite nervous starting a degree, but the first subject I did was incredibly helpful. We did a lot of stuff on how to check your progress, create timelines and understand when assessments are due."

English language programs

Yuko Shintake

Yuko Shintake, Japan (Olympic Gymnast) - General English

"My time in the SCU College English language program was very exciting. I learnt not only English, but also about Australia and cultures from all over the world. I made many friends here. It has been two of the most important weeks for me.

Are you thinking of studying English? Of course study at SCU College!"