TOEIC® preparation and testing

TOEIC® Preparation and Testing logoSCU College at Coffs Harbour is an authorised OPEN TOEIC® TESTING CENTRE. This means we are accredited to administer the TOEIC® Test to any interested candidates.

We have been chosen specifically as a testing centre because of our location, appropriate testing facilities, and the training and experience level of our staff.

TOEIC® is a test of a person's overall ability to use everyday English in the workplaces such as international companies and industries, hotels, event management companies, IT or tourism.

The TOEIC® Test

Candidates are asked to register no later than three weeks prior to TOEIC® Test date. Confirmation of registration will be by payment no later than two weeks before the test.

The TOEIC® Test enables you to have your English proficiency level formally documented. The test is a two hour multiple choice test that consists of 200 questions divided into two sections, listening and reading. The listening section takes approximately 45 minutes and the reading section takes 75 minutes.

All test answer sheets are forwarded to TOEIC® for marking. The test is completely objective - the answers can only be either right or wrong and there is no pass or fail. Each candidate is given a score which indicates a level of communicative English ability.

Testing dates

All testing is done on a Friday at 2.00pm once a month.

2018 testing dates:

19 January

16 February

16 March

13 April

11 May

8 June

6 July

3 August

31 August

28 September

26 October

23 November

14 December

Candidates are required to be at SCU International at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus, 490 Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

There is ample parking available on campus. Please arrive at the test centre at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the test and make sure you bring all the necessary documentation with you.

View Coffs Harbour campus details.

What do you bring?

Candidates are required to bring a passport as an official means of identification. Candidates do not need to bring anything else. Pencils and erasers are supplied.

Your results

Candidates will be issued with their test scores from TOEIC®.

Each candidate will receive a Certificate of Achievement, individually coded on 'watermarked' paper and personally signed by the TOEIC® Program Director.

Further information

SCU College, Coffs Harbour campus:

T: +61 2 6659 3150
F: +61 2 6659 3196

For TOEIC testing in other locations please see the full list of TOEIC public testing centres