Transcript: Preparing for Success at SCU Program

I chose to do the PSP (Preparing for Success at SCU Program) on campus basically because I wanted the real university experience. I hadn't studied since high school, which was nearly 10 years ago. I've always been a little bit intimidated by university so I thought it was a great opportunity to have a go at university and see if it was for me.

Hi, my name is Adam. I'm 28. I'm studying PSP and hopefully going on to do a Bachelor of IT. I've only finished Year 8 at school so this is a big step for me to come in and do something like this. I was terrible at high school but now wanting to learn and do this for the right reasons: wanting a proper job, wanting to be a good role model. Things that it's teaching me is learning how to write essays, write reports, it's a real good step in the right direction. If anybody wants to go to uni and they are quite unsure, PSP would be the way to go.

I'm a single mom of two little boys and I wanted to try the PSP to figure out whether I was going to be able to handle my degree, which in the future I hope to do Sports and Exercise Science starting this year mid-year. It's been awesome it's taught me so much and I think if I had have gone straight into the degree I would have really struggled with referencing and just the writing style of being at uni.

I chose to study the PSP program in 2014 and can I tell you it's been one of the best experiences I have had. I am now studying a Bachelor of Indigenous Trauma and Healing and this course is really, really relevant to me. I wouldn't have had the skills or knowledge about referencing if it had not have been for the PSP program.

I did the PSP in 2014. I found it to be quite useful in my academic skills and writing,which I had a lot of trouble with. Now I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts and going to Japan in August.

I had been a Teacher's Aid Special all my life and work was getting pretty sparse so I started here. It's been wonderful on campus to get to know other kids. I'm not as young as everyone else but it's all inclusive and wonderful. Down the line in my future I want to be a creative writer, and so after finishing this I hope to go on and be accepted in Creative Writing and finish my career that way.

Coming from Africa, English is my second language - it's the hardest thing. I finished high school last year not with the best ATAR so I had to find another way of getting into uni. I called in at Southern Cross University. They told me to apply for the PSP course, which I did. When I got in I was so happy. Well, I picked (to study) internally 'cause I'm the kind of person who learns looking at someone and being there in class, it makes it easier for me and I'm not very good with technology.

If I need to ask questions I can just ask the teacher after class to explain something. To see how far I've come from the beginning. I really doubted myself but now I can really see that I have the ability to succeed at a university level. I've learnt how to use the website, I've met people, I've made friends and it's just been the best experience, it's gotten me out of my shell, I feel more confident and I can't wait to start.

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