Group Exercise Programs

Come and try one of our great Group Fitness Classes. We have a great selection of classes ranging from the low impact options of Yoga and Pilates to the high intensity sweat sessions of GRIT, HIIT Squad and Body Attack. Please grab a copy of our timetable from reception.


Simple, Athletic, Electric! BODYATTACK® is a 30-60 minute class. It’s a cardiovascular interval training program combining high intensity aerobics, strength and stabilisation exercises. A HUGE energy consumer. 

Find out more about Body Attack from the Les Mills website


Incorporating elements of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. BODYBALANCE® is a fabulous mind/body class useful for increasing strength and flexibility, improving coordination and balance, and giving an overall sense of well being. Your class ends with some meditation and relaxation.


BODYPUMP® is a 30-60 minute class using barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition muscles while raising your metabolic rate. BODYPUMP® is proven to be the `world’s fastest way to get in shape’, and is a great option for everyone starting at the gym.

Find out more about Body Pump at the Les Mills website


Using barbells weight plates and the bench, LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH is an intense 30-minute training session that will blast all major muscle groups and take your training to the next level!

Find out more about Grit Strenth from the Les Mills website

Les Mills SH’BAM

Featuring simple but seriously hot dance moves, SH’BAM™ is the perfect way to shape up and let out your inner star. Benefit from interval training peaks and get in the fat burn zone without the “hard work” workout. Improve coordination, increase cardiovascular fitness, have fun, and forget you’re exercising!


On stationary bikes ride to the rhythm of powerful music, while the instructor takes you through hills, flats, mountains and sprints. An ultimate cardio session to burn fat and improve fitness.

Fight & Fit

A workout combining boxing and kickboxing drills with punches, kicks and abdominal strength work. Get your gloves on because this class is fully loaded with fun to burn energy, relieve stress and improve fitness.

DWA (Deep Water Aqua)

A high energy, low impact, muscular conditioning and FUN water workout combining cardio and resistance exercises using a buoyancy belt. Come along and have a great time!

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is a particular style of yoga that emphasizes correct body alignment in the asanas (postures) and holding the asanas for extended periods of time. It also uses props, such as wooden blocks and belts, to help achieve and support the asanas. More about Iyengar Yoga

SGT Fitness (Small Group Training)

Whether you have a specific goal, need motivation or would like to add variety to your training, SGT will give you fantastic results with a combination of routines, no two classes will be the same!


Pilates is a body-conditioning technique designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body.  Pilates targets the deep postural muscles through a series of exercises . Excellent for improving posture, strength and  flexibility and aligning the body correctly.

Silver Circuit

Designed for anyone over the age of 60, the Silver Circuit concentrates on strength training, cardiovascular fitness and balance. Whether you’ve been a gym goer all your life, or are just looking to start your training journey, the Silver Circuit caters for all experience levels. 

Note: Classes may occasionally be cancelled/changed due to university functions!  This is out of our control and we will provide as much notice as possible.

The Iyengar Yoga method is based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar. The practice of Iyengar Yoga is characterised by precision and alignment, planned sequencing, timing and the use of props. Practice builds strength, stamina, balance and  flexibility, which bring a sense of freedom and balance. The use of props makes Iyengar Yoga accessible to people of all ages by facilitating alignment and support in practice. With practice, awareness is developed and the mind is trained to focus on the present moment. This allows practitioners to experience quiet and stillness.

Julie Hodges (PhD) teaches a Iyengar Yoga class here at SCU Fitness for You at 1:10pm on Mondays. The class is included in VIP membership’s or can be attended casually. The class emphasizes correct body alignment in the asanas (postures) and holding the asanas for extended periods of time. It also uses props, such as wooden blocks and belts, to help achieve and support the asanas.

Come along and try this wonderful class out!

Julie also takes classes in Lismore at Lismore Yoga Studio. If you can’t make it to the Monday midday class please see when Julie runs other classes.