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Excellence in Research Australia ranking

Southern Cross GeoScience ranked 'well above world standard' in Australian government assessment

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

Mitigating the complex environmental challenges our society currently faces requires a deep understanding of our natural world. Southern Cross GeoScience specialises in multidisciplinary research that broadens our knowledge and understanding of ancient and contemporary geoenvironmental systems.

Our researchers explore complex natural systems, past and present environmental processes and human-environment interaction, integrating perspectives that span from molecular to landscape scales. Our findings are key to ensuring healthy waterways, clean groundwater and productive soils for future generations.

Cutting-edge equipment, advanced facilities and partnerships with academia and industry across the world allow Southern Cross GeoScience to produce innovative science. Our staff and students are passionate and committed to making a difference through their research. As a result, Southern Cross GeoScience is known for its world-leading research output and pioneering ideas.

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Southern Cross GeoScience values an inclusive work environment that provides:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Feeling respected, valued and seen for who we are as individuals
  • A high level of supportive energy and commitment from leaders, colleagues and students so that we – individually and collectively – can do our best work to provide excellence in research and education in science
  • We nurture a vibrant and friendly work-culture
  • We are committed to high levels of integrity, trust, transparency and honesty in all our work-related interactions
  • We are committed to being kind to one another and treating one another - all-staff and all-students - with equality and egalitarian values
  • We are reliable partners and are committed to following through on our commitments - "we do what we say".

Southern Cross Geoscience contributes to the United Nation Sustainable Development goals:

Uniited Nations Sustainable development Goal 6
Uniited Nations Sustainable development Goal 13
United Nations Sustainable development Goal 14
United Nations Sustainable development Goal 15