Coasts, Wetlands and Waterways Group

Research vessel on river collecting samples

Image of various machines and computers in a laboratory

The Coasts, Wetlands and Waterways (CWW) group is interested in the connectivity of terrestrial, freshwater and oceanic biomes. We measure the flow of water, energy, and pollutants within and between these biomes.

Our philosophy is to take the laboratory to the field, and we use cutting edge in situ instrumentation to gain insight into the inherent complexity of natural systems. Our team has pioneered a range of novel techniques for measuring greenhouse gases, field-based stable isotope analysis and natural groundwater tracers.

Current projects span a range of environmental issues from water quality on the Great Barrier Reef to fugitive methane emissions from unconventional gas fields. We have undertaken research throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

We have a strong philosophy of student engagement and are always interested in hearing from anyone interested in undertaking postgraduate research in the areas of hydrology, biogeochemistry, oceanography and geochemistry. If you are interested in postgraduate studies with our group please contact Associate Professor Damien Maher ( or Dr Douglas Tait (

Lead researchers

Group members

  • Gloria Reithmaier
  • Michael Drexl
  • James Sippo
  • Luke Jeffrey
  • Haile Arefayne
  • Michael Reading
  • Sebastian Euler
  • John O’Connor
  • Derek Mackenzie
  • Steven Owen
  • Shannon Waddy

Co-Supervised HDR students from other universities

Madeline Goddard – Charles Darwin University
Vanessa Rivera – Charles Darwin University
Adriana Baker – University of New England
Clarissa Glaser - University of Tübingen
Alia Al-Haj - Boston University