Landscape Hydrogeochemistry Group

Scott Johnston at Bakers Creek

A female scientist samples flood waters with scientific instruments

The Landscape Hydrogeochemistry Group (LHG) explores geochemical and hydrological processes that control water quality and sediment geochemistry and at a landscape-scale.

The groups research embraces diverse landscapes, ranging from floodplain and estuarine wetlands to head-water streams and spans the mineral-water interface through to sub-catchment scale processes.

We are particularly interested in the co-cycling of major elements (Fe, S, C) and trace elements such as arsenic in aquatic and terrestrial environments with dynamic redox conditions.

The group works closely with industry, state and local governments and has helped develop, assess and refine a variety of techniques for remediating highly degraded acid sulfate soil wetlands.

We have a strong philosophy of student engagement, and are always interested in hearing from anyone interested in undertaking postgraduate research. If you are interested in postgraduate studies with this group please contact Professor Scott Johnston (

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