Dr Matthew Tonge



BSc University of Sydney

BSc (Hons 1), Australian National University. "Electron Spin Resonance Studies of the Free Radical Polymerisation of Methyl Methacrylate: Structure of the Propagating Radical and a Kinetic Analysis"

PhD (Polymer Chemistry), University of Sydney, 1999. "The Influence of Small Molecule Diffusion on Free Radical Polymerisation Kinetics in Glassy Polymers"(supervisor: R. G. Gilbert)

Research interests

  • Free radical polymerisation: fundamental mechanistic studies, methods for measuring reliable rate coefficients, controlled/living radical polymerisation (CRP), applications of theory, mechanistic, and kinetic knowledge to circumvent limitations of synthetic processes.
  • (Mini)emulsion polymerisation: with emphasis on CRP in mini(emulsion) and its effects on kinetics, behaviour, and achieving multiple targeted key process and potential product characteristics.
  • Evolution of complete chain length distributions in CRP reactions in bulk/solution and (mini)emulsion: fundamental importance/understanding and influence on properties, quantification, and novel methods for controlling outputs.
  • Use of CRP polymers as a sensitive probe of key correlations between polymer chain characteristics (e.g. chain length distribution) and physical/chemical properties. Delivering target performance characteristics by CRP and hybrid systems.
  • Diffusion in polymeric and oligomeric matrices.

Other activities

Committee member for IUPAC working parties for two projects (Polymer Division):

  • Establishment of quantitative reliability of electron spin resonance techniques for polymerization kinetics
  • Towards a holistic mechanistic model for reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerizations: Dithiobenzoates as mediating agents


Journal articles


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