Professor Andrew Rose


t:+61 2 6620 3189


  • BE (Environmental) (Hons 1) UNSW 2001
  • BSc (Mathematics) UNSW 2002
  • PhD (Environmental Engineering) UNSW 2005 'Iron Acquisition by the Marine Cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula' (supervisor: T. D. Waite)

Research interests

With a background in aquatic chemistry, my research is broadly concerned with understanding the interface between aquatic microorganisms and their biogeochemical environment from a mechanistic, chemical perspective. I am specifically interested:

  • Iron biogeochemistry in aquatic systems
  • Mechanisms of calcium carbonate precipitation and dissolution reactions in aquatic systems
  • Chemistry of reactive oxygen species and free radicals in aquatic systems
  • Impacts of human activities on the biogeochemistry of environmental systems
  • Numerical modelling of biogeochemical phenomena.
Portrait of Andrew Rose

Research grants

  • Lamb, D; … Rose, AL. (2019-2021). New cost-effective pathways to recover and evaluate high-grade phosphorus fertilizer from waste streams. CRC SOIL ($1,070,000).
  • Erler, DV; Rose, TJ; Rose, AL (2018-2019). Energy and nutrient recapture from solid wastes. CRC-CARE ($680,000).
  • Rose, TJ; Rose, AL (2016). Effect of redox state on phosphorus release from common soil minerals. SCU Seed Grant scheme ($9,727).
  • Yee, LH; Rose, AL; Cummings, B; Anstoetz, M; Foley, J; Flower, L; Zetterlund, P (2016). Physical and chemical testing of commercial and recycled plastic feed for 3D printers bound for schools in NSW & QLD. SCU Seed Grant scheme ($9,280).
  • Erler, D; Rose, AL; Joannes-Boyau, R (2015). Has climate change reduced nitrogen supply to the Western Pacific Ocean? SCU Seed Grant scheme ($14,590).
  • Rose, AL; Burton, ED; Clark, M; Johnston, SG; Santos, IR (2014). An integrated facility for the advanced characterisation of environmental particles. Australian Research Council LE140100007 ($A330,000).
  • Smith, I; et al. (2012 - 2015). Australian Synchrotron Access Program. Australian Research Council SR120200004 (A$30,000,000).
  • Sullivan, LA; Rose, AL; Burton, ED; Johnston, SG; Wong, VNL; Bush, RT; Wood, M (Jul 2012 - Jul 2015). Resolving the geochemistry of coastal floodplain blackwaters. Australian Research Council LP120200723 (A$320,000).
  • Jan 2012 - Dec 2014, Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP120103234 ($450,000) Waite, T. D., Rose, A. L., Collins, R. N. and Waychunas, G. "New perspectives on iron oxide transformations in oxic and anoxic aqueous environments: implications for iron bioavailability and contaminant mobility."
  • Jan 2012 - Dec 2012, Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Project LE120100201 ($A200,000). Bush, R. T., Burton, E. D., Scheffers, S. R., Scheffers, A. M., Rose, A. L. "High-resolution laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer for cutting edge geochemistry research."
  • July 2011, Australian Synchrotron Beamtime AS112/SAXS/3618.Rose, A. L., Bligh, M., Boland, D., Collins, R., and Waite, T. D. "Atomic and particle scale characterisation of polymer formation during the early stages of iron oxyhydroxide mineral precipitation."
  • Jan 2011-Dec 2013, Australian Research Council LP110100732 ($600,000) Bush, R. T., Grice, K., Moreau, J. W., Sullivan, L. A., Burton, E. D., Rose, A. L., Johnston, S. G., McElnea, A. E., and Ahern, C. R. "Electron flow in iron hyper-enriched acidifying coastal environments: reaction paths and kinetics of iron-sulfur-carbon transformations."
  • Jan 2011 - Dec 2011, Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Project LE110100143 (A$500,000). Radom, L., Cairns, I. H., Crawford, J. W., Shen, L., Wade, C. M., Wilkins, M. R., Abbass, H. A., Dzurak, A. S., Evans, J. P., Wen, W., Poulton, C. G., Arnold, M. D., Botten, L. C., Ford, M. J., Rahmani, A., O'Neill, C. J., Cheung, K.-W. K., Johnson, M. E., Henskens, F. A., Borwein, J. M., Marchant, T. R., Hagenbuchner, M., Tieu, K. A., Rose, A. L., Gillies, S. A., Harrison, P. L., Waters, D. L., Leedham, G., and Murison, R. D. "Flexible architecture high-performance computing facility for the intersect consortium of New South Wales."
  • Aug 2010, Australian Synchrotron Beamtime AS102/XAS/2484. Collins, R., Glover, C., Waite, T. D., Payne, T., Boland, D., and Rose, A. L. "Quick scanning XAFS to determine Fe-O-Fe bond formation during iron precipitation and iron oxide transformations."
  • Dec 2009 - Dec 2010, University of New South Wales Faculty of Engineering Early Career Researcher Grant (A$31,708)Pham, A. N. and Rose, A. L. "Is Trichodesmium erythraeum capable of synthesising O2--producing specialised proteins?"
  • Jan 2009 - Jan 2013, Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0987351 (A$380,000) Rose AL & Rose JC "A new paradigm for the geochemistry of mineral precipitation and dissolution in aquatic systems: Polymer-based numerical modelling".
  • Jan 2009 - Jan 2011, Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0987188 (A$285,000).Waite TD & Rose AL "Resolving Critical Knowledge Gaps Relating to Light and Free-Radical Mediated Transformations of Iron and Copper in Oxic Natural Waters".
  • Jan 2008 - Jan 2010, Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0880298 (A$298,000). Waite T D, Hallegraeff GM & Rose AL "Impact of Metal - Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Interactions on Growth and Toxicity of Ichthyotoxic Algae in Australian Coastal Waters". (Grant awarded, but withdrew as an Investigator).
  • Dec 2005 - Dec 2006, University of New South Wales Faculty of Engineering Early Career Researcher Grant (A$19,600). Rose AL. "The Influence of Environmental Variables on Extracellular Superoxide Production by Marine Microorganisms".
  • Jan 2005 - Jan 2008, Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP0558029 (A$185,000). Waite TD, Neilan BA, Burford M, Furnas M, & Rose AL 'Mechanisms of Iron Acquisition by the Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium in Coastal Waters'.

Awards and Honours

  • Australian Research Council QEII Fellowship (Jan 2009 - Dec 2013).
  • University of New South Wales Early Career Researcher Travel Scheme Award (Feb 2007 - May 2007).
  • Australian Research Council Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) (Jan 2005 - Dec 2007).
  • Australian Academy of Science Young Australian Researchers Travel Scholarship (May 2004).
  • Australian Research Council Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) (Mar 2001 - Oct 2004).


Journal articles


  • Rose, TJ; Schefe, C; Weng, Z; Rose, MT; Van Zwieten, L; Liu, L; Rose, AL (submitted). Phosphorus speciation and bioavailability in diverse biochars. Plant and Soil.
  • Avaro, J; Rose, J; Moon, E; Rose, AL (submitted). Calcium coordination environment in calcium carbonate prenucleation clusters. Geochim Cosmochim Acta.
  • Sedighi, M; Padilla, RV; Taylor, R; Lake, M; Izadgoshasb, I; Rose, AL (in press). High-temperature, point-focus, pressurised gas-phase solar receivers: A comprehensive review. Energy Conversion and Management.


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  • Mos, B; Kaposi, KL; Rose, AL; Kelaher, B; Dworjanyn, SA (2017). Moderate ocean warming mitigates, but more extreme warming exacerbates the impacts of zinc from engineered nanoparticles on a marine larva. Environmental Pollution 228: 190-200.
  • Hanington, P; Rose, AL; Johnstone, R (2016). The potential of benthic iron and phosphorus fluxes to support the growth of a bloom forming toxic cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula, Moreton Bay, Australia. Mar Freshwater Res 67: 1918-1927.
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Book Chapters

  • Garg, S., Rose, A. L. and Waite, T. D. (2011). Pathways contributing to the formation and decay of ferrous iron in sunlit natural waters. In Aquatic Redox Chemistry, American Chemical Society; Vol. 1071, pp 153-176.


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