Research Facilities and Resources Group

Excellent research must be supported by a professional team. Our mission is to ensure that our academics and students have the time, support and resources they need to deliver their very best. We strive to design and implement consistent processes which increase efficient work flows, support academic excellence and encourage collaboration. We aim to achieve the highest standards of safety in our laboratories.

Southern Cross GeoScience is well-equipped with an extensive range of modern geo-chemical instrumentation allowing our researchers to conduct world-class research.

In addition to the wide range of general purpose laboratory equipment, GeoScience laboratories house an array of specialty instruments and field equipment. Our major facilities include:

  • an X-ray research laboratory with an X-ray diffractometer, benchtop and portable X-ray Fluorimeters;
  • a Biosecurity laboratory approved to handle soils; 
  • a Clean lab with a state-of-the-art laser-ablation-ICP-MS;,  
  • a Microscopy lab with optical and scanning electron microscopes;
  • a Radiation research facility housing a Mossbauer spectrometer with cold stage, and scintillation counter; 
  • a Nano-material research facility; and
  • a Spectroscopy lab housing a variety of fluorimeters and UV/Visible spectrophotometers.

We also have wide selection of specialist sampling equipment including corers, Russian D-Auger, grab samplers, as well as a vehicle that can be set up as a working field laboratory.

Anyone interested in submitting a sample, or being trained to run their own, should contact the Laboratory Manager, Dr Mark Rosicky (

Laboratory Manager

Research Support Staff