Schwertmannite stability in wetland soils

Research summary

Schwertmannite is a ferric-oxyhydroxysulfate mineral that forms in acidic, iron- and sulfate-rich waters. As a consequence, it is a very common secondary mineral resulting from sulfide oxidation in rocks, soils and sediments. It has been widely recognized in environments impacted by acid-mine drainage and acid-sulfate soils, where schwertmannite plays a key role in determining water quality trends.


Schwertmannite is a common feature of acid-sulfate soil landscapes.

A research stream within Southern Cross GeoScience aims at understanding the stability of schwertmannite in acid-sulfate soil environments. Work completed so far has discovered that the production of ferrous iron by ferric iron-reducing bacteria can catalyse fast transformation of schwertmannite to goethite - a common iron(III) (hydr)oxide. This process has been documented in drain sediment profiles and in re-flooded wetlands, and its rate has been quantified in laboratory-based experiments.

Research activities include in-situ studies on an array of schwertmannite-bearing systems. For example, we have described the in-situ transformation of schwertmannite to goethite in the benthic sediments of acidified coastal waterways. In addition, a range of controlled laboratory-based experiments have been completed, which range from simple closed-system to more complex column-type studies.

Field Studies

Geoscience research integrates field studies with controlled experiments to unravel the controls on schwertmannite stability.


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