The Southern Cross Model

Student standing looking out window
Davi Algranti is a Bachelor of Business and Enterprise student at the Gold Coast campus.

A better way to learn

At Southern Cross University, we have transformed the way study is delivered. The Southern Cross Model delivers a deeper, immersive learning experience for students centred on greater interactivity and connection with real-world applications. The shorter, more focused six-week unit structure gives students a greater sense of momentum and motivation. Student success rates, overall grades and teacher satisfaction have all increased under the Southern Cross Model.

The teaching calendar

The academic year is divided into six terms of six-weeks, with a two-week break between terms. Most full-time students will study two units a term for four terms - a total of eight units per year.

Depending on your course, it may be possible to take a term off when you need to, or do more study when you can. 

Hollie Robards at whiteboard

“Studying for me looks different every day, so the adaptability of studying online under the Southern Cross Model was ideal. The six-week terms go by quickly and you learn exactly what you need in that time.”

Visual representation of the Southern Cross Model 6 weeks of teaching and two weeks break

The benefits

Higher grades

Since the Southern Cross Model was implemented, our students have achieved higher grades than ever before.

Average student grade point averages (GPAs) increased considerably between 2019-2023.

Immersive learning

Focus on just one or two units a term for an immersive experience. Learn through curated on-demand learning modules, workshops and tutorials.

Enjoy and succeed in your studies

More students complete their units successfully in the Southern Cross Model. It’s a better, more focused, and enjoyable way to learn.

Unit completion rates increased 17% between 2019-2023.

Study-life balance

The Southern Cross Model works with juggling other commitments – family, work, sport, friends, travel!

Still got questions?

If you have questions about the Southern Cross Model, please reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected].