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Southern Cross Plant Science is a leader in underpinning the cultivation and utilisation of plants. We harvest knowledge of how genetic and environmental factors contribute to end-use properties of crops and other added-value natural products. 



Latest Publications:

  • Verdeprado H, Kretzschmar T, Begum H, Raghavan C, Joyce P, Lakshmanan P, Cobb JN, Collard BCY (2018) Association mapping in rice: basic concepts and perspectives for molecular breeding. Plant Production Science.
  • Wang F, Longkumer T, Catausan S, Calumpang C, Tarun J, Jerome C, Ishizaki T, Pariasca Tanaka J, Rose T, Wissuwa M, Kretzschmar T (2018) Genome wide association and gene validation studies for early root vigor to improve direct seeding of rice. Plant Cell and Environment. DOI:10.1111/pce.13400
  • Andrew Croaker, Graham J. King, John H. Pyne, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukiec, and Lei Liu (2018)  Assessing the risk of epidemic dropsy from black salve use, Journal of Applied Toxicology
  • Gover J, Kendall T, Baten A, Burgess D, Freeling M, King GJ, Mosher R (2018) Maternal components of RNA-directed DNA methylation are required for seed development in Brassica rapa. The Plant Journal. DOI:10.1111/tpj.13910
  • Rahman, M., Khatun, A., Liu, L., Barkla, B. (2018) Brassicaceae Mustards: Traditional and Agronomic Uses in Australia and New Zealand. Molecules 23 (1) 231; doi:10.3390/molecules23010231(Impact factor 2.861).

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