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Southern Cross Plant Science is a leader in research underpinning the cultivation and utilisation of plants. We harvest knowledge of how genetic and environmental factors contribute to end-use properties of crops and other added-value natural products. 

 Latest Publications:


  • Rempelos, L., Almuayrifi, A.M., Baranski, M., Tetard-Jones, C.,  Eyre, M., Shotton, P., Cakmak, I., Ozturk, L., Cooper, J., Volakakis, N., Schmidt, C., Sufar, E., Wang, J. Wilkinson, A., Rosa, B.A.S., Zhao, B.. Rose, T.J., Leifert, C. and Bilsborrow, P. (2018) Effects of agronomic management and climate on leaf phenolic profiles, disease severity and grain yield in organic and conventional wheat production systems  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry DOI:10.1021/acs.jafc.8b02626
  • Verdeprado H, Kretzschmar T, Begum H, Raghavan C, Joyce P, Lakshmanan P, Cobb JN, Collard BCY (2018) Association mapping in rice: basic concepts and perspectives for molecular breeding. Plant Production Science.
  • Wang F, Longkumer T, Catausan S, Calumpang C, Tarun J, Jerome C, Ishizaki T, Pariasca Tanaka J, Rose T, Wissuwa M, Kretzschmar T (2018) Genome wide association and gene validation studies for early root vigor to improve direct seeding of rice. Plant Cell and Environment. DOI:10.1111/pce.13400
  • Andrew Croaker, Graham J. King, John H. Pyne, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukiec, and Lei Liu (2018)  Assessing the risk of epidemic dropsy from black salve use, Journal of Applied Toxicology
  • Gover J, Kendall T, Baten A, Burgess D, Freeling M, King GJ, Mosher R (2018) Maternal components of RNA-directed DNA methylation are required for seed development in Brassica rapa. The Plant Journal. DOI:10.1111/tpj.13910

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