Professor Graham King, Director


Professor Graham King, Director
Director, Southern Cross Plant Science
Professor of Plant Genomics and Epigenetics

t: +61 2 6620 3410
f: +61 2 6622 2080


BSc in Botany (University of Manchester)
PhD in Botany (University of London)

Research interests/background

Graham King is Director of the Southern Cross Plant Science (SCPS) at Southern Cross University, an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, a Chutian Professor Chair in Wuhan, China and a Research Associate of Crops For the Future in Malaysia. Gaining his Ph.D from the University of London in 1986, he then established an international profile in crop plant genetics and genomics, including positions at the University of Warwick and Rothamsted Research. He has worked alongside plant breeders and led major national and international research consortia, generating fundamental knowledge applied to the genetic improvement of arable and horticultural crops. Fundamental research interests are currently focused on understanding how epigenetic marks superimposed on plant genomes mediate genotype x environment interactions, and in particular the interactions between mineral nutrition and crop development. He leads several efforts aimed at conserving and characterising genetic diversity within crop and related species, and is extending the utility of data curation pipelines to integrate information from trait to genome.

Other roles:

  • Member of the NSW DPI Medicinal Cannabis Project Operations Group
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Genomics for Australian Plants initiative.
  • Honorary Professor of Plant Genomics & Epigenetics, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham 2011-2020
  • Research Theme Associate (Biotechnology & Breeding Systems), Crops For the Future Research Centre (CFFRC), Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
  • Member, Advisory Council, NSW Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation, 2015-
  • Chair, Multinational Brassica Genome Project Steering Committee, 2017-19
  • Chutian Professor Chair, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China, 2012-2017
  • Member, ARC Research Evaluation Committee, Biological & Biotechnological Sciences, 2012
  • SCU representative, Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture, 2012-2016
  • Trustee, Christopher Moyes Memorial Fund. 2008-
  • Member, International Climate Resilient Crop Genomics Consortium (ICRCGC) 2013-
  • National Organising Committee, International Association of Plant Biotechnology Congress 2014

Recent invited lectures

  • Plant Animal Genome XXVI, San Diego, 2018
  • COMBIO, Adelaide, 2017
  • Brassica 2016, Melbourne
  • Plant Genomics Congress Asia, Kuala Lumpur, 2014
  • Plant Animal Genome, San Diego, 2014
  • Bio-Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia, 2013
  • Plant Animal Genome Asia, Singapore, 2013




Past studentCurrent positionCourse
Dr Stephen Amoah CSIR: Crops Research Institute, Ghana PhD
Clive Brown Chief Technology Officer, Oxford Nanotech Technologies Ltd MSc project
Dr Volkan Cevik The Sainsbury Lab, Norwich PhD
Dr Erik Kop Regulatory Manager, Bayer CropScience NL PhD
Dr Iain Massie British School of Beijing, Shunyi PhD
Dr Fady Mohareb Cranfield University MSc project
Dr Jay Moore University of Warwick PhD
Dr Neeraj Salathia Genomics Institute, Novartis Research Foundation, San Diego, USA PhD
Prof Lee Smith MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, U. Edinburgh PhD
Dr Sarah Usher Rothamsted Research, UK PhD
Dr Alidad Varshochi Director of Business Development - RANA Agro- Industry Corp, Iran PhD
Dr Joana Vicente University of Warwick PhD



General readership articles

Refereed Journals

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