Amin Ibrahim

Amin Ibrahim

                 PhD Candidate

t: +61 415240559


BSc. In Agriculture Sciences (Zagazig University, Egypt).
Diploma in Information Systems (Cairo University, Egypt).
MSc. In Bioinformatics (Cairo University, Egypt).

Research interests/background:

Currently, Amin is undertaking his PhD degree in Bioinformatics, his PhD research project focuses on developing novel bioinformatics approaches to unravel the epigenetic basis of crop plasticity, He started his master project in Oct. 2011 and defended it on 19th July 2014, ISSR, Cairo University, Egypt. His master studies focused on mining and visualizing DNA methylation data for determining the status of DNA methylation markers. In 2003, Amin received his BSc degree in Agriculture Sciences from Zagazig University, Egypt. In May 2009, Amin was awarded the Diploma of High Studies in Information Systems from ISSR, Cairo University. Amin worked as an agriculture Specialist in the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES), Agricultural Research Center (ARC), Egypt. Amin has an excellent knowledge of bioinformatics, computer science, information systems, statistics, database (MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle), data mining, programming languages (Python, R, C#, Java and Python), also has practical experience in analysing NGS genomic data by involving in different research projects (chickpea and date palm).


Journal Articles

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